Adding another contact to a conversation

Filehaven has the ability to communicate with either a single contact or multiple at the same time. Cool, eh? 

You'll need to invite both users individually, as you do currently in Filehaven and wait for their acceptance. 
Once someone has accepted their invitation, you can pop into Filehaven and create a conversation with that user. 
When the second user has accepted their Filehaven invitation (look out for those confirmation notifications!) you can add them onto the conversation you created. Simply navigate to the conversation and look for this icon near the conversation title: 

Once you click that you'll be presented with a modal window where you can search for a client by name or email address. 

From here you can add or remove clients from the conversation. If you're adding them, they'll receive an email from Filehaven to notify them of the new conversation.
That was easy, right? 
Go celebrate in style! 

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